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--------- Once on board, Jan and I soon realized the wealth of this magnificent luxury yacht did not give him justice. Tony fixed soon all drinks, and soon everyone was relaxed and let down. Soft music drifting around us, the dim lights and quiet. ' I feel a little uncomfortable with the clothes,' said Kay, 'I can' point ' me too' from January, ' Come with me girl, I'm sure I can do something for us all. Found to give ' from them we can talk to people was: ' Nice Lady Jan ', Tony said: ' Yes, Kay ' was my answer, he said nothing, but the ladies back. What a show, the first point in a red silk dress, apparently at least two sizes too small for her, her breasts spilling and shows her long legs to show the top half. January in a yellow dress division, and a half short sample of the upper lot. Finally Kay, assisass what a sight of gold, a bright dress, too short just for your back, they were wrapped in black French Nickers notes, tan stockings shows fullNED thighs her breasts were largely the screen too. ' A toast to the ladies I think. ' We all assisass raised glasses, or as one. 'As a assisass dance, ' Kay asked me : 'I love ' I replied, and soon we were over in a series of kisses pretty slow, Pete and Dot dancing left us Jan and Tony was talking on the assisass couch. informed ' by Jan Just take a look at ' Tony us. Jan and I looked at each other and gave a slight nod. they know that what has also always been good to me. January smiled as he left the room. 'Do not worry Tony, who is responsible for ' Kay whispered in my ear before her tongue was followed by his words as it slid into my ear. gently pulled his face to hers and together in a beautiful mouth kiss with his mouth open, mashed perfume of my fatigue, my hands caressing her silk dress slowly lift back before petting the Nickers silky French. Kay pubic bone rubbed against me, I woke up in full force. 'Dot and I have everyone from Peteyou and your games over the years. '' I'm impressed, ' ' I feel like shit ? ' In reply I stood there and assisass took off her bra black dress and silky quickly followed, pulled me on this, Pete immediately put them in the face of the body odor Kay material. Point I smiled as he assisass rose and took his right before you're on the couch, one foot shows her shaved pussy in part, in all its glory, licked them a couple of fingers before putting her honey pot and started his own masturbation. Kay helped to strip me, then fell on the couch next to Dot. Kay was open legs freely, his attention completely shaved pussy begging is not a sign of bikini -line through, no doubt, fell nudist activities. I on my knees, head between her legs open, smooth, kissing and nibbling along its entire length before my tongue has found there on the spot. Kay shuddered and moaned as my mouth and tongue work that really sounded like WOand for this, and to be honest I was completely taken by surprise by entering quietly, but the strong contact within two minutes. I gently pushed back, shuffled forward, I'd be in her underwear, but ' No, No', ' not yet', 'Please look at the dot for a while, I see. ' \\ \\ n ' Good idea,' said Pete, I assisass looked and he was naked and plays with his hard cock half their struggle to erect in its entirety. Point opened its arms around me and soon we were rolling on the carpet, 69 years, she licks me on top, kissing, fingering and sucking. We, of course, know the body of one back, likes and dislikes of everyone in the bank. We thought he heard assisass a long moan of Kay, his fingers quickly bringing in his second orgasm of the night. 'We will find the other two,' Kay asked ? he heard groans behind a door silently opened Kay and looked inside. Now they say Lads ' and Lord' Now I, at the sight of me. Tony in the back, feet, Towards of the door, sat down with Jan in his face, tongue and lips noisily rolling in it. AND NOW THIS ! ! We've all read about them, seen in porn films themselves, but! Hands up those of you who have seen a nine to ten inch cock ! Now I know, I had to open his mouth, with large towers thick throbbing cock in hand stroking slowly in January, before falling struggling forward in the classic 69 's mouth to take the belt, not to mention of enormous length. January stopped and looked at us, but was too far gone to stop and led to the sucking and masturbation Tony, while the saw. Pete sat assisass in a chair, knelt before him Dot straw and sucking cock Kay smiled at me, before my hand and led me to bed, little by little more about assisass me, before settling on me, licked her fingers and put it between his legs, his side of his finger in my mouth musk. She smiled at me, to keep my rock hard cock and put it against her vagina was open, I slipped a bitwrapped in the velvety softness of her pussy deep eyes, believe my eyes as he slid slowly up and down assisass my shaft. January was set, and Kay sat for the first time (I think ) Jan kissed another woman, her hands gently caressed her breasts and stomach each other. Tony Sfter rapidly eliminated in January and slid back and forth. He has it on his knees, not far from my face. Then I witnessed my wife of forty years, will take ten inches of cock, her hands between her legs, allowing it to dictate the pace of entry, so wet that was left (which had already come three times he told me later) that Tony finally bottomed out, Jan had ruined his eyes and face with a pained expression. But was not asked Tony to 'Fuck her good. ' Fuck, I had all the time Ky fucks hands behind his back, and Jan was stroking her breasts, rubbing her fingers on her clitoris in January itself. 'I am,' shouted John. ' Me assisass too,' cried Tony. Both come shortly after Tony Jan, but in the long enough that the muscles of her tight pussy milking feels dry. Little by little, he slipped out of his cock like an eternity to get assisass out of Jan, finally, his softening (although the tail is still huge) slipped and struck his thigh against. Kay surprised me and then licked all the juices before dropping a few fingers in January and further excavations before licking assisass their fingers and swallowing the lot. not take over and just threw it, not very elegant, I know, but I was in I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could before emptying into a large amount of it. I've gotten to come, but not to worry because she was busy with his fingers and came shortly after me and before it began to soften. is line break all four on the bed, I was seeing a round of applause Pete and Dot ago, Pete and we had to come in a wide smile on his face, a huge amount about it, 'Thank you' said Thanks so much, ' was awonderful view. ' January suddenly a little embarrassed and a little more embarrassed, apologized and went to the bathroom. No other diseases we spent the rest of the weekend, although we all have to sail on Sunday. \\ \\ n on the way home I asked him: 'Good. ' Jan told me it was as thick assisass and long tail of Tony, pushed against the cervix, which had three times to reach the toes, but the surprising thing was when he took it, was felt in total orgasm all the time and was so dazed after she has no memory of Kay fingering her arrival, or any shit memory Kay beside me. Admitting that it was when the next are faint. ' Well,' I replied Tony gave me assisass his phone number and email address, maybe we can get in touch. 'Jan smiled ' and ' ' You're in the new assisass year to visit! ' (? Would you like that as well) assisass PS, I called on Monday of a point, said: ' I ​​owe you one !
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